2020 Hats and Hooves for ELEVATE Coweta Students

9B516418-8C1F-4C56-A6BD-5EE6C14D5E8FOver the past few years we have supported Communities in Schools.  While the mission, employees and assistance remains the same, the new name of the charity is ELEVATE Coweta Students.  We continue to support ELEVATE  financially and with our time, volunteering to mentor each week at Ruth Hill Elementary.

ELEVATE has a single mission: to provide services and support to students struggling to remain in school and graduate This effort begins with Site Coordinators who serve as advocates for our students who need the assistance. The Site Coordinators help identify students in need of assistance and connect those students—and family members—to community resources that can help remove obstacles to student success. The effectiveness of ELEVATE in creating excellent students and better future citizens is incredible, consider supporting them!

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